Tibethouse Berlin

Tibethaus Berlin e. V.

is a charitable organization founded in Germany in 2007 contributing towards the preservation of the Tibetan cultural heritage and supporting social and medical projects (NGOs) in Tibet and India.

More than a glimpse of Tibetan culture

We organize lectures, workshops and exhibitions on Tibetan history, the spiritual culture and modern life in Tibet and the surrounding countries influenced by Tibetan culture. We intend to establish a Tibetan Buddhist (virtual) library in Berlin.

Berlin – a place for Tibetans in exile

We offer Tibetan language classes for children and adults taught by native Tibetan speakers.  We offer social support to Tibetan refugees and help where help is needed.

Tibetan medicine

We invite Tibetan doctors from the Tibetan Medical Institute in Dharamsala (India) and German doctors trained in Tibetan medicine to transmit the medical system of Tibet to the West. In this regard we work together with the Kailash Institut in Freiburg.

Non-biased Dharma Center

Teachers from all major spiritual traditions of Tibet come to the reunited Berlin. We request lectures on Tibetan history and Dharma teachings from all Buddhist sects and the Bon tradition. We support the dialogue between Tibetan Buddhism and Western psychology.

His Holiness Dalai Lama emphasizes the importance of a non-biased attitude towards the profound spiritual heritage of Tibet trying to respect and preserve each and every aspect of a particular transmission. 


There are several institutions and NGOs in Berlin that have been supporting Tibet over the course of a long period of time.

We want to offer an additional platform to communicate the vast and profound wisdom of Tibet and thus making the invaluable knowledge and insight available. We work together with the local Tibetan Buddhist Centers and inform over the Internet about local events concerned with Tibetan culture..

A premise for Tibet House

There are three official Tibet Houses under the personal umbrella of H. H. Dalai Lama. They are located in New Delhi (India), New York City (North America) and Frankfurt (Germany).  Our vision is to find an appropriate large premise here in Berlin and we invite everyone to help

                                                                                           `to make a dream come true`.

The sun of Tibet

In every action aiming to help Tibetans to preserve their unique culture - which is threatened by extinction - we try to bear in mind the kind advice of H. H. Dalai Lama who is emphasizing tirelessly the “good heart” and altruistic mind of Bodhichitta.